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Online Safety

The education of pupils in online safety is an essential part of Charter’s online safety provision. Children and young people need the help and support to recognise and avoid online safety risks and build their resilience.

Please click here to see our Online safety policy.

Worry Button

Worry Button

If you, or your child, has any concerns relating to online safety, please click on the ‘Worry Button’ and complete the form to notify our Online Safety Lead.

Further information on how parents and carers can help to promote and support the online safety of their child can be viewed below.

For more information as a parent/carer how you can support your child whilst they are online please click the link here. Supporting Young People Online

This guide features what children do online, the threat of online strangers and how to ensure a healthy balance between Internet use, your children’s online privacy, digital security and more.

Have you seen the website common-sense media ?

This website is to help support and protect your child online. You can find reviews and age ratings of various games, DVDs and books. There are also parent guides to different games.


Below is a link to a guide all about smartphones for children.  It gives you some good advice on what to think about if your child already has one or if they are about to get one.

Smartphones are mobile phones with internet access. They are capable of a range of functions, including social networking, listening to music, playing games, browsing the internet, checking emails, taking photos and videos and watching TV – along with the usual texting and calling!   Smartphones provide a variety of interesting activities and ways for young people to engage with their friends and families. However, it is important to be aware of what these devices can do and how you can talk with your child to help them to use this technology in safe and positive way.

Below is a link for useful tips and advice on healthy gadget use, alternative tech for learning, creativity and discovery, and how parents can encourage a balanced screen time ‘diet’ with their teens/children.