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Charter Primary School Wood Lane, Chippenham Wiltshire, SN15 3EA

Telephone: 01249 447 223

Parent Pupil Quotes

Quotes from Family Learning Morning – March 2017

“Fab morning, family mornings are a brilliant way to see what we do in school”
“Excellent morning, thank you”
“Really delightful. Thank you so much for the invitation”
“Brilliant fun”
“The best family learning day so far.  Really enjoyed it”
“Super as always!”

Quotes from Charter Open Evening – November 2016

“Excellent displays! A very big thank you”
“A fantastic evening. The choir were fab and it was really interesting to see all of the work”
“A lovely event, and it was great to see all the work.  The choir and musicians were lovely”
“What a great idea. We have had a lovely time looking around the school and at all of the artwork”
“Wonderful food and fantastic lions, Roooaaarrr”
“It was lovely to see all the lions and try school dinners again!”

Quotes from Family Learning Morning – November 2016

“Brilliant Fun!”
“A fantastic morning, thank you”
“Awesome – I loved it!!”
“A brilliant morning, lots of fun, thank you”

Quotes from Grandparents Lunch 2016

“Thank you for a lovely lunch, what a great idea”
“A lovely meal and a very friendly atmosphere”
“Thank you so much, it was lovely to share a special time with you all”

Quotes from Family Learning Morning – March 2016

“A fantastic morning”
“Had a lot of fun, thank you”
“Great fun creating, drawing and painting”

Quotes from Grandparents Lunch 2015

“Thank you so much, was lovely to share a special time with you all”
“Wonderful, it was a happy fun time for all”
“Really enjoyed being with the children”
“Thank you for a lovely lunch and it was good to see the grandchildren”
“Lovely Meal and a very friendly atmosphere, can we come again?”
“Excellent meal and lovely company”

Parent quotes from Mothers Day Lunch 2015

“Lovely idea! Really enjoyed it”
“A good time spent with my daughter, thank you”
“Had a great time, do one for dads”
“Lovely lunch, 10/10 to the kitchen :)”