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Charter Primary School Wood Lane, Chippenham Wiltshire, SN15 3EA

Telephone: 01249 447 223 Twitter @CharterPrimary

Ofsted Quotes

Quotes from our most recent Ofsted inspection

“All groups of pupils are making strong progress from their different starting points”

“Leaders, including governors, have a secure understanding of the school’s strengths, as well as areas requiring further improvement”

“Pupils are clearly proud of their school and spoke to inspectors articulately and knowledgeably”

“Parents views are that the school is a fantastic environment for learning and development which is led by an engaging headteacher with the assistance of her diverse and outstanding team of staff and teaching assistants”

“Teachers know their pupils well and make effective use of assessment information to provide work that meets pupils’ different needs. Teachers provide the most able pupils with opportunities to apply their skills in different contexts to deepen their understanding further”

“Across the school, there is a shared understanding of the quality of teaching and inspection evidence demonstrates that this ‘open and honest’ approach to school improvement is proving a key component in the school’s ongoing development”