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Charter Primary School Wood Lane, Chippenham Wiltshire, SN15 3EA

Telephone: 01249 447 223 Twitter @CharterPrimary

Governor Information

The Government requires that each School has a management team, a Governing Body. This body is made up of the various stakeholders that the School serves, parents, Local Authority, staff, local community.

The Governing Body has overall responsibility for ensuring the school provides a high quality education for all its children, through working with the Headteacher, Staff and Parents to maintain high standards. We are accountable to the stakeholders mentioned above for the way in which we carry out our various responsibilities and functions.

The main roles of Governance are:

Strategic: Long term plans and direction of the school; aims and ethos of the school
Support & Challenge: Be a “critical friend” by being supportive but challenging; monitor and evaluate performance against targets; hold the school to account
Accountability: Ensure the National Curriculum is delivered; responsibility for the school budget; accountable to the whole school community for the school’s overall performance

The Governing Body meets six times a year.  Also, Governors undertake visits to the school. These might be part of the annual Governor Day when Governors visit classrooms and meet the children, or it might be more informal when they attend assemblies, concerts or sports events.

Governors have additional specific responsibilities eg. for Special Needs, Safeguarding and UNICEF Rights Respecting. Governors attend training courses to develop their knowledge in specific areas of Governance.

The Structure of the Governing Body

The Governors are all volunteers. There are 11 Governors and the composition of the Governing Body is as follows:

  • The Headteacher
  • One member of staff elected from and by members of the school staff
  • Two Parent Governors elected from and by parents and carers of children attending the school.
  • One Local Authority Governor appointed by Wiltshire Council
  • Six co-opted governors appointed by the Governing Body.

If you are interested in joining us and contributing to the good of the School and the local community please get in touch with either the Chair of Governors – Mr K Wells, or the Headteacher.

Charter Primary School Governing Body Statement of Behaviour Principles

Charter Primary School is an inclusive school with the UNICEF Rights Respecting Gold award. The child at the centre of everything we do.

We have high expectations and are committed to promoting the following:

  • Respect, fairness and inclusion,
  • Improving outcomes for our children and staff
  • Promoting good relations across our school community.

Right to feel safe (Article 19)

For every pupil to understand and respect that they have the right to be heard, to learn free from the disruption of others and to be safe in body and mind.

Inclusivity and Equality (Article 2)

We believe in equality and in valuing the individual. All members of the school community should be free from discrimination, harassment and bullying.

High standards of behaviour (Article 28)

Pupils have the right to learn and to achieve their potential in all aspects of their lives and staff have the right to teach. Good teaching and learning promotes good behaviour and good behaviour promotes effective learning.

Respect for all (Article 29)

We all respect each other and threatening behaviour or abuse by pupils or parents towards the school staff, or any other member of the school community, will not be tolerated.

Working together (Article 42)

Pupils, staff, parents and governors will co-operate and work together to create a positive learning environment.

Governor Register Of Pecuniary Interests 2020 21
Governor Register Of Pecuniary Interests 2020 21
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Governor Register Of Pecuniary Interests 2020 21Governor Register Of Meetings 2020 21Governor Information 2020 21