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Charter Primary School Wood Lane, Chippenham Wiltshire, SN15 3EA

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Together – Collaboration and Support

As part of our Life Skills, we have been learning about peer massage. Sue Payne has come into school to show teachers and pupils the Massage In Schools Programme (MISP). We have been learning to ask permission to touch someone and how massage can help us relax. Working together as a team, we are practicing the massage moves and helping each other stay calm in class.

This term, Hurricane visited Sheldon Secondary School to find out what a day in the life of a secondary school pupil is like. We took part in a range of lessons, including DT, where we made our own little toy using a vacuum forming machine, PE – we played a game of basketball, drama, science and art. We were also lucky enough to have lunch at Sheldon in their refectory, we sat with some of the older children. Some of us are beginning to think about which secondary school we w ould like to go to after Year 6 and it was very interesting to find out lots of things about a local school. For example: In secondary school, you have to carry around your own things and you have lots of different teachers for different subjects in different classrooms! We can’t wait to go to secondary school, but we might wait until we are a bit bigger first.

The forest school team worked together this week to make Woody the Snowman. We used saws and gimlets to cut the wood and drill the holes. The children showed amazing perseverance and the end result is amazing.

Together Raindrops class went out (in the rain) and planted some bulbs near the school gate on behalf of the Rotary Club to help the awareness of Polio. they also made some fat balls for the sparrows as part of their science, where they are learning about the things that animals need in order to survive and grow.