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Charter Primary School Wood Lane, Chippenham Wiltshire, SN15 3EA

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Discover – Investigate and have a go

Raindrops class have been discovering measures and the different ways that we can measure things.  We have been measuring water capacity, and in the experiment we were estimating how much each jug could hold and which could hold the most.  We had lots of fun trying to match jugs that held the same amount of water.  We have also been carrying out experiments on time, length, height and weight.  Any questions about measures… ask a Raindrop.

In York class we have loved finding out about lions.  We read the story of ‘Noah’s Ark’ and investigated which things float and which things sink. We predicted first of all and then tested the objects.  There were a few surprises and a few splashes too!

On Friday 25th November, year 4 went to visit the library. The librarian, Tracy, read us many funny books and there were plenty of giggles. Tracy showed us how to find fiction and nonfiction books and we had time to choose our own books to read. It was a lot of fun.