Outdoor Learning

Forest Schools

A number of children are chosen to take part in our Forest Schools workshop each term.  The sessions are designed to offer the pupils the chance to develop their leadership skills and to grow in confidence.


Term 3 – Year 4 & 2 Forest Schools

the denIn Term 2 pupils from years 4 & 2 have had the opportunity to access our Forest Schools workshop.  They have been enjoying den building and sawing branches to make their very own bows & arrows.

Quinn sawing Quinn bow and arrow Fin sawing Fin bow and arrow Adam sawing



Term 2 – Year 4 Forest Schools

mini denIn Term 2 year 4 pupils have had the opportunity to enjoy time in our Forest Schools area.  They had great fun den building and learning whittle wood.

Caleb whittling Charlie whittling sawing





Term 1 – Year 6 Forest Schools


In Term 1 year 6 pupils had a fantastic few weeks at Mortimore’s Wood,  they enjoyed a variety of weather but always managing to stay dry. The sessions ranged from den building to cutting down trees.

The pupils all had the chance to make fires and to cook giant marshmallows on sticks.


IMG_2078 IMG_2009 IMG_2068